Eileen Nelson P.E. : President (2011-2012)

Eileen Nelson P.E.

President (2011-2012)

Static Consulting Services Inc.
While Mrs. Nelson was President of the Association she worked to help increase the profile of the A.B.A. along with emphasizing patronizing local businesses.  During here Presidency the Association was presented with a unique opportunity unlike any other in the history of Aston.  In 2012 member Ice Works was picked to be the host facility for the National Curling Championship.  With not much notice Mrs. Nelson was tasked with helping the organization and its members morph into a tourist destination for people from all over the country.  Aston never known as a tourist destination was ready to open its doors to the visitors.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Nelson the Association rallied it's retail and restaurant businesses and manned an informational table at the front entrance of the Ice Works facility.  This table gave local businesses an opportunity to give samples, coupons, etc., to potential customers.  The Association also developed a map of Aston Businesses and helped in securing the return of the event for 2014.  While President, Mrs. Nelson wore many hats as she had the main responsibility for the Night Out in Aston and participated in many other programs.  When asked to give a piece of advice for future presidents, Mrs. Nelson said to seek younger Board participation to work to get fresh ideas in the door.

James Stigale : President (2009-2010)

James Stigale

President (2009-2010)

D'Anjolell Stigale Memorial Home
While Mr. Stigale served as the President of the Association he worked to reintroduce the A.B.A. to the public.  During his Presidency he started many initiatives that helped bring the Association and its members into the public eye.  His biggest accomplishment was starting the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program which operates a food bank and works to help residents who have fallen on hard times.  The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program provides meals and gifts during the holidays, and financial assistance for utilities during the winter.  He also started the Night Out program which encourages individuals to patronize local eateries on specific nights with the proceeds benefiting local events like after prom.  Mr. Stigale also started the annual "Business Person of the Year" and brokered a deal to allow businesses to advertise through an insert in the Aston Township Times.  When asked to give a piece of advice for future presidents Mr. Stigale said to make sure all the good that the Association does is kept in the public eye and most of all work to help businesses become more successful.